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Steps to take to gain compensation after a car accident

Car accidents happen every day. If you have been injured in an accident or your vehicle sustained significant damage in a collision, one of your top priorities will be to determine how to pay for the medical bills and car repair. If another individual caused the damage to you and your vehicle--due to their negligence or carelessness--you may be able to seek financial compensation for these injuries and damages.

Accidents with teens are more often deadly

Illinois drivers may already be wary of cars full of teens on the road, and a study released for National Teen Driver Safety Week will do little to allay their concerns. While teen drivers may be widely considered to be reckless or careless, the concern about their driving isn't limited solely to age-related stereotypes. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, accidents involving cars with a teen driver and only teen passengers are more likely to be fatal for everyone involved.

Brake Safety Week to affect all CMV drivers

All drivers of commercial motor vehicles in Illinois will want to make sure that their brake systems are properly maintained. Improperly maintained or installed brakes can increase stopping distance and put drivers at risk for rear-end collisions. They also violate current safety guidelines. This is why the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding Brake Safety Week.

New tech could help drivers avoid phone distractions

Companies like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have responded to the increase in smartphone-related auto accidents by developing free apps that block incoming calls and messages. These apps also send automatic replies to callers and senders to notify them that the recipient is driving. Other companies have stepped in as well, producing devices that can do even more for drivers in Illinois.

Media reports focus on semi-autonomous car accidents

People in Illinois may have seen a great deal of coverage about car accidents that have involved vehicles propelled with semi-autonomous technologies. These cars promise to cut down on the risk of driving on the roadways while removing stress and problems from many commuters' lives. However, when a collision occurs, it can become the center of media attention, especially as the potential and the troubles of autonomous driving technologies are of significant interest to many people curious about the future of driving.

Research, experts: distracted driving fuels surge in hit-and-runs

Our phones, our wearables, our tablets, our in-dash infotainment systems all delight and dazzle us with a combination of useful data, communication capabilities and easy entertainment. But their charms and capabilities can also be distractions that get us to watch our technology while we’re behind the wheel instead of the streets, road signs and traffic.

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