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Handling contentious child custody and support issues

For parents in Illinois, divorce can be particularly painful. In general, most parents will have less time with their children after the split, and they may also have a contentious relationship with their former partners. These issues can easily spill over into co-parenting conflicts. While some parents are able to easily negotiate a fair parenting plan that takes both parents' relationship with the children into consideration, others wind up locked in custody battles.

Divorcing Illinois residents: avoid these financial blunders

Getting a divorce can be difficult for many individuals. Whether the two have been a couple for just a few years or have been married a long time, there are financial steps each one can take as they begin to live separately. Making a few good economic decisions may help ease emotions caused by the breakup and let both people get on with building their independent lives.

Reducing the stress of children after a divorce.

Illinois parents in a post-divorce environment go through several facets of stress when moving on in their lives. Financial, social and emotional changes due to the divorce all can take their toll. These parents understand that the divorce also has an emotional impact upon the children of the marriage. Because a divorce is a new experience for both parents and children, many are not equipped to handle the situation.

Mortgage applications and back child support

Buying a home is a goal for many people in Illinois. Unfortunately, such a purchase can be more difficult for those who owe back child support. It is best to pay off child support arrearages as soon as possible since non-payment carries harsh penalties. If this is impossible, however, qualifying for a mortgage may still be within reach.

How to get child custody back

Losing custody of a child can be emotionally difficult. This is true whether the child was placed in custody of the other parent, a relative or the state foster care system. There are several steps an Illinois parent who is in this situation can take to improve their chances of getting custody of their child back.

One indicator to predict divorce

Illinois couples who are struggling in their relationship might be concerned about what signs can predict divorce. According to therapists and experts, one big indicator for divorce is the feeling of hopelessness in relation to the marriage for one or both spouses.

Keeping the home after a divorce

Over the years, several studies have shown that women in Illinois and elsewhere tend to suffer financially following a divorce. In fact, one 2008 study found that the average divorced woman sees her income fall by more than one-fifth, while the average man's post-divorce income increases by one-third.

Minimizing custody issues with effective co-parenting

For couples in Illinois with children, divorce often means making an effort to successfully co-parent. Unless a child's safety is at risk, it's generally advised that an ex-spouse avoid downplaying the role of the other parent or discouraging discussions about them when adjusting to life after a divorce. Even in situations where one parent is not reliable or responsible, it can be better for a child to discover this for themselves.

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