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Newest stats show state grappling with DUI problem

A new fact book published by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office finds the state struggling with people driving under the influence.

The fact book, published each year, shows that of the 1,090 people killed in auto accidents in Illinois in 2017, 330 of them died in alcohol-related incidents.

Interesting DUI statistics

The report found that there were 27,046 DUI arrests in Illinois in 2017. Nearly 400 people under the age of 21 lost their licenses. Although women make up 50 percent of the drivers, they constituted only 26 percent of the DUI arrests. Men between ages 21 and 24 had the highest DUI arrest rate and 86 percent of DUI arrests were first offenses.

The last three years saw DUI arrests falling slightly in southwestern Illinois. A look at DUI arrests statistics by county shows:

  • Bond – 2015: 38 2016: 21 2017:22
  • Clinton – 2015: 67 2016: 71 2017:53
  • Jersey – 2015: 67 2016: 73 2017:81
  • Macoupin – 2015: 168 2016: 162 2017:115
  • Madison – 2015: 703 2016: 724 2017:671
  • Monroe – 2015: 109 2016: 96 2017:112
  • Randolph – 2015: 53 2016: 44 2017:64
  • St. Clair – 2015: 863 2016: 717 2017:631
  • Washington – 2015: 38 2016: 36 2017:19
  • State – 2015: 32,285 2016: 29,528 2017:27,046

What happens when you are arrested

First-time DUI convictions are Class A misdemeanors which lead to up to one year in jail and fines of up to $2,500.

The state will impound your vehicle, revoke your driver’s license for one year – two years if you are under 21 – and suspend your vehicle’s registration.

You must attend remedial education and perform community service.

The DUI will remain part of your permanent driving record and you must carry high-risk insurance for three years after the accident.

The state also requires first-time offenders to have a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) installed in the vehicle, which includes a camera to take a photo of the driver every time you use the device. You must pay a company to install it and maintain it. The state says that there are about 10,000 vehicles on the road at any given time with installed BAIID’s.

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