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August 2018 Archives

Amazon employees allege improper treatment in the workplace

An investigation by the Guardian reveals that the online retail giant Amazon has been improperly treating many of its employees after they have been injured on the job. Many injured former employees even are left without an income, benefits and a home. This is important news considering how there are more than 140 Amazon warehouses across Illinois and the rest of the U.S.

How to handle hazardous materials without getting hurt

There may be times when workers in Illinois will need to handle hazardous materials. Employers should have safety rules and protocols in place to make sure that their workers do so without getting hurt. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) can reduce the risk workers face when handling a potentially dangerous substance. PPE should be replaced if it is defective or worn down as it won't protect as well as it ages.

How to keep workers safe around machines

Workers in Illinois and throughout the country could face injury risks regardless of the type of machine that they use. It is important that both workers and employers take steps to reduce that risk. For example, employees should wear proper protective equipment when they are working on or around a machine. Employers should do hazard assessments on a regular basis to determine what type of equipment workers will need.

Keeping life normal for kids during divorce

Family is important and you may have always considered yourself family-oriented. However, you and your spouse have been having problems lately and divorce has been on your mind. But you love your kids and you do not want your family to fall apart.

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