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July 2018 Archives

Minimizing custody issues with effective co-parenting

For couples in Illinois with children, divorce often means making an effort to successfully co-parent. Unless a child's safety is at risk, it's generally advised that an ex-spouse avoid downplaying the role of the other parent or discouraging discussions about them when adjusting to life after a divorce. Even in situations where one parent is not reliable or responsible, it can be better for a child to discover this for themselves.

Planning for divorce after tax law changes

The financial aspects of divorce can be very significant, especially for wealthy Illinois couples with lots of assets. Tax reform introduced as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will go into effect for all divorces finalized after Dec. 31, 2018. As a result, many divorcing couples who can finalize their divorces before the end of 2018 are rushing to do so while others are considering financial plans that can help to compensate for the tax law changes.

The 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S.

There are safety issues in every job across Illinois. However, it's no secret that some occupations are more dangerous than others are. Time magazine has compiled the data and used it to determine the 10 most dangerous jobs in the United States. The list has some surprises, both for the jobs themselves as well as the cause of the danger.

The dangers faced by U.S. meat plant workers

According to reports, U.S. meat plant workers are suffering serious injuries like fractured fingers, amputations, burns and head trauma week after week. OSHA records reveal that every month in these meat plants, an average of 17 incidents occur that qualify as "severe". This covers incidents that lead to amputations, loss of an eye or a hospitalization. Illinois workers will want to know what can be done about this unsafe trend.

Brake Safety Week to affect all CMV drivers

All drivers of commercial motor vehicles in Illinois will want to make sure that their brake systems are properly maintained. Improperly maintained or installed brakes can increase stopping distance and put drivers at risk for rear-end collisions. They also violate current safety guidelines. This is why the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding Brake Safety Week.

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