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May 2018 Archives

Media reports focus on semi-autonomous car accidents

People in Illinois may have seen a great deal of coverage about car accidents that have involved vehicles propelled with semi-autonomous technologies. These cars promise to cut down on the risk of driving on the roadways while removing stress and problems from many commuters' lives. However, when a collision occurs, it can become the center of media attention, especially as the potential and the troubles of autonomous driving technologies are of significant interest to many people curious about the future of driving.

Wrongful conviction rate estimated in study

In rape or murder cases in Illinois and elsewhere, roughly 3 to 5 percent of those who are convicted of a crime are later exonerated because of new evidence. Researchers later found that the wrongful conviction rate for cases involving crimes like theft or robbery was 6 percent. This was based on a study of 3,000 inmates in state prisons in Pennsylvania. The researchers say that the true rate throughout the country is likely lower than that.

Steps to improve warehouse safety

Employers in Illinois and elsewhere should make worker safety their top priority. This can be especially important for warehouse workers, who experience injuries and deaths at a rate higher than the national average. One way to keep workers safe is to clean on a regular basis. Sweeping loose debris and drying any areas with excess moisture can help prevent a fall or other dangerous event from occurring.

Research, experts: distracted driving fuels surge in hit-and-runs

Our phones, our wearables, our tablets, our in-dash infotainment systems all delight and dazzle us with a combination of useful data, communication capabilities and easy entertainment. But their charms and capabilities can also be distractions that get us to watch our technology while we’re behind the wheel instead of the streets, road signs and traffic.

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